T-Shirt Upcycling

I recently have become quite obsessed with upcycling. Every time I go to throw something away, I mentally go through all my pins on Pinterest trying to remember if I can upcycle it in some way. I am sure that my husband is ready to call in Hoarders for an intervention, but I just KNOW there is something good that will come from my stash of “garbage”. The main thing standing in my way (besides lack of time) is my serious case of the uncrafties. I LOVE the thought of making the amazing, beautiful things I pin on Pinterest, but when it comes to actually doing it, that is a whole other story. I have been able to find some crafts that are suitable for people with my disease, though. Today, I am going to share some easy and fun things that, even if you are uncrafty like me,  can do with old t-shirts (something that there is an abundance of in our Goodwill pile).

I LOVE this idea from Lee at Leethal.net for a super easy and fun bag made from a t-shirt. It would make a really great gift for some of the pre-teens I know!

These t-shirt flowers from Cathiefilian.com are beautiful and don’t require any sewing! Perfect accent for a headband, scarf, or shirt.

This wonderful dog toy I found at Craftbits.com will be fun for your pups and alot cheaper than buying those expensive dog toys that get demolished after maybe a day.

Last, but not least, a rug! Yes, you heard me, a RUG! A no sew rug made from old t-shirts. Maybe you wouldn’t put it in your living room, but it would be great in a kid’s room or even the kitchen. This one, I found at Disney Family Fun, is made using a hula hoop and seems pretty easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work upcylcing those old t-shirts!


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