Double Duty Dinners

Being the mother of a toddler and a work-at-home mom, I am often overwhelmed by the thought of cooking dinner every night for my family. One thing that keeps me from going crazy is sitting down before Monday every week and making a list of all the meals I will be cooking. Do this makes it much easier to prepare a grocery list for the week and has helped me to not only spend less at the grocery store, (due to less trips and a solid plan) but also not have to worry about the dreaded “what are we having for dinner tonight?”

Another blessing for mothers who are always busy, but want to make sure their families still get a home cooked meal each night is the double duty dinner. Double duty dinner is a meal that you cook one night and use leftovers to make a separate dinner on a different night. This is much better, in my opinion, than just eating the same thing again as leftovers. It is also a great time and energy saver for me!

An example of a “DDD” is the Ranch Chicken Taco meat that I made yesterday. I usually make it one night for tacos and another night I use the leftover meat for taquitos, enchiladas, or the Nacho Chicken Casserole that I am making tomorrow night.  **UPDATE: I made the Nacho Chicken Casserole and had leftovers of it also, we used it to make quesadillas for lunch and it was delish!**

Here are a few more “DDD” that I like:

Pesto Ranch Chicken – leftover meat can be made into pesto chicken panini’s or served with pasta. (OR on a pizza, YUM!)

Chicken Meatballs  – leftover meat and marinara can be used on a meatball sub

Slower Cooker Greek Chicken Pitas – leftover meat can be used for a Greek salad

Mini Skillet Meatloaves – leftovers can be used to make quesadillas

These are just a few of the “DDD” recipes I have tried. Do you have any double duty recipes that you like to make to save time and money?


6 thoughts on “Double Duty Dinners

    • You know, my hubby is a SUPER carnivore, but I know I have some stored away! I will look for them and get back with you! 🙂

      • To start off, here is a website that I use for a lot of my menu planning. They have a ton of recipes and a section with vegetarian dishes. The vegetarian section is pretty slim, but there are a ton of “meatless” recipes in the other sections! Their recipes are really good and typically pretty simple to make, very good for a busy mom such as yourself.

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