A Quick Meatless Dinner

I was recently asked if I have any favorite vegetarian dishes and I looked through all of my recipe boxes with no luck. Over the past 7 years, I have tailored all of my recipes to my husband’s likes and dislikes. That is what any “good” wife would do, right? Truth is, nothing is more frustrating than spending time in the kitchen prepping and cooking a meal that some thinks is just “ok”. So, I tend to collect recipes that I think my hubby (and now my little one) will love. That being said, my husband is a carnivore through and through. He has to have meat with his dinner to really enjoy it. So, that would be the reason my “vegetarian” recipes are lacking, but I love veggies and I love finding new ways to incorporate them into my dinners.

I have been keeping an eye out for some vegetarian recipes that even my husband would like and this one caught my eye this morning… Open-Faced Enchilada Veggie Quesadillas | Tasty Kitchen Blog.

These look very yummy and Mexican dishes are some of my hubby’s favorite so this one may be a good way to have a meatless night that everyone can enjoy!

If you have any “go to” vegetarian recipes that can satisfy even the most carnivorous of people, please share!


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