Table Makeover

We have been married for almost seven years now and when we were newlyweds, we were given a ton of old furniture to help make our house a home. Over the years, we have bought some new stuff, but we have tried to just update a lot of the old things that were handed down to us. Most recently, I decided to re-do the tables that we are using as nightstands. They were a cheap set of nesting tables that were given to us many moons ago (they look like the ones that you can buy at K-Mart or Wal-Mart). They were a light-colored wood and didn’t really mesh with the bedroom set we bought when we first got married, not that any of it really does! I wanted to do this quickly and painlessly so I decided to paint instead of stain the tables. I found a “recipe” for chalk paint and chose a light color (Valspar Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel) to paint the tables. This is my first time painting furniture and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but next time I hope it turns out a little better!

Table makeover

This is the “before” picture, see they were light-colored and pretty boring.

Table makeover

I am not sure if this was necessary, but I sanded them lightly to remove any water marks and rough spots. I also put a very  light coat of primer on them (again, not sure if it was necessary). I decided, after trying to paint them while they were disassembled, that it was easier to paint them assembled. So, I re-assembled them and painted them.

Table makeover  Table makeover

This was the “finished” product. They still just looked plain and boring. So, I decided to look for a way to put a pattern on them. I searched on the internet for an easy way to paint a pattern on them. I found lots of great ideas, but decided to go with one I found on here because our bed has a quilt on it and the patter reminds me of a quilt. It seemed simple enough, but the stamp didn’t work AT ALL so, I ended up free-handing the pattern. Let me just warn you…

Table makeover

I am NOT artistic AT ALL. This is the best I could ever hope for. They don’t look great, but the good thing is that they will be covered by lamps, alarm clocks, and randomness so it really won’t matter!

I finished them off with a few sprays of Valspar Clear Coat to, hopefully, protect them from water rings and other wear and tear.

Here is what I mean by it not being a big deal that the pattern turned out weird…

Blog 3-16-13 001

The majority of it is covered by all the stuff I keep on the table.

Also, as a side note, this is a photo of our bed area in our room…the quilt was made for us by my husband’s grandmother for our wedding and it is so beautiful. I was trying to match my patter on the table to the quilt, but that didn’t go so well. Also, the painting above our bed was painted for us on our 5th. anniversary by my cousin. My mother gave her a picture that my husband took on our honeymoon in Scotland and she recreated it for us. I love it for so many reasons!

Blog 3-16-13 003

 I am planning on refinishing a few more items around here and I will keep you updated on my progress.


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