A Little Yard Work Never Hurt Anyone {Or Did It}

This past Saturday was beautiful in our neck of the woods. The temperatures were low 70’s and the sun was shining. We spent the first half of the day trying to fix the fluorescent light in the kitchen (by “we” I mean my hubby) and trying to keep the little one from climbing up the ladder. After two trips to Lowes, one trip to Ace Hardware, and an unsuccessful phone call to the company who makes the light, we were still in the dark. (HA!)

After all the light shenanigans, the hubby decided he wanted to go in the yard a trim up the crepe myrtle tree, the only tree we have in our barren yard. Little did I know, he was planning a crepe “murder”!! Before I could stop him, all of the beautiful long branches that have been growing and blooming over the past 6 years were gone…

On a lighter note, little man got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather in the yard with us and I got a few pictures of him “helping” daddy.

Yard Work 3-2013 002

He was SO helpful. Picking up the pieces from the crepe murder.

Yard Work 3-2013 047 Yard Work 3-2013 044

Trimming our unruly yard and watching the planes fly.

Yard Work 3-2013 112

Oops…I think the mower is broken.

Yard Work 3-2013 082

This is how he “rides” the car.

Yard Work 3-2013 171

And last, but not least, my poor tree. RIP my dear friend. I will miss your beautiful pink blooms this year.

In case you are wondering…we are currently on day six of no kitchen light. This has really put a damper on my cooking and taking pictures of my food for the blog.


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