Wines-day: What I Am Drinking This Week {2}

This week’s wines included:

Padrillos Torrontes– I had never heard of Torrontes and because I am not a white wine drinker, I assumed it would be “just another white” that I wasn’t “that in to”, but this one is surprisingly good. It is not too dry, very smooth, and has a “burst of just picked fruit”. This white wine I could definitely sit and enjoy on a hot summer day.

Wines-day {}

La Vielle Ferme Rose– This one was a nice Rose that was very light and full of fruity flavors.

La Vielle Ferme Rouge– This wine was a very good “Introductory” red. This is a red that I would have loved to drink when I was still very much into drinking white and sweeter wines. It has a delicious plum and blackberry flavor.

Caparzo Sangiovese-This sangiovese is very light and fruity. The tannins were not overpowering and it finished very smooth. This would be great paired with a red meat or pasta with meat sauce. This one was my fave of the night. It was definitely more complex than the other 4 and had an excellent body. The rich flavor almost reminds me of a delicious balsamic vinegar, minus the vinegar (I know, that sounds weird). It is perfection.

Wines-day Wine Blog{}

Tintonegro Malbec– This one came in at a close second for me. It had a great fruity flavor, but it lacked the spicy delicious tannins that I enjoy. This wine was much more drinkable and had a more “strained berry” flavor.

Wines-day {}

(just ignore the messy bottle)

This week’s wines were not only very good, but they were very well priced (all, but one were under $10 at my local Beach Liquor store). Please tell me, do you like the more “tanniny” (pretty sure that is not a word) wines or the lighter more fruity wines?

For more information on the weekly wine and beer tastings held here in the NW Florida area, please see my first Wines-day post here.


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