Thirst-day-Beers of the Week {2}

Confession time. If I had to choose beer over wine, I chose wine, but I still love a good beer and this week included some really great ones. I have decided to give you the Beer Advocate rating for each beer since they are better at rating beer than I am!

Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat4.2% ABV This beer was definitely NOT my favorite. It lacked flavor and character (two things a beer must have for me to enjoy it). It was a step up from the bland Budweiser/Bud Light that you drink when you can’t taste your beer anymore (What? I am the only one who does this?). On a scale of 1 to 10, it was definitely a 1, but I am told that the other Goose Island beers are far better. (We will have to see about that.) Here is what Beer Advocate has to say about this beer.

Weyerbacher Verboten– 6.9% ABV This one I liked. It had a lightness to it, but still carried a nice medium body that I need to satisfy my palate. Beer Advocate Rates it here. They rate it lower than the Goose Island 312, but I would definitely have to disagree.

Victory White Monkey– 9.5% ABV If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this one, SCOOP IT UP! This beer is the perfect mix of wine and beer. It is aged in Chardonnay barrels, which may sound awful, but to a wine and beer lover, it is Heaven in a bottle. It has the perfect balance of the deliciousness of Golden Monkey with just enough flavor of chardonnay and oak. Beer Advocate is totally off the mark on this one.

Thrist-day {}

Nectar Ales Red Nectar- 5.4% ABV This was a good light ale. It had a wonderful toasted malt and caramel flavor. Here is what Beer Advocate thinks.

Victory Yakima Glory– 8.7% ABV This one is rather hoppy, so I enlisted the taste buds of a hoppy beer lover (my hubby). He said that the beer was more on the “malty side” and didn’t have as much of the hoppy bitterness that he liked. He still drank the whole six-pack so, I think that means it was pretty good. Here is what Beer Advocate thinks.

Thrist-day {}

I tasted some really good beers this week. Something for everyone, even the wine lovers!

*Wondering how I get to taste all of these wonderful wines and beers? See my original Wines-day post here.


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