Weekly Dinner Menu 3/24-3/31

This week, I got my favorite magazine in the mail, Food Network Magazine, and I decided to make some new recipes from it and I am making a couple of “double duty dinners“! Of course, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and look through the entire magazine, but I used the handy-dandy index in the front to find a couple that looked yummy. Maybe while the little one is at his Nana’s house this weekend, mommy will get a chance to relax and look at the stack of magazines I have awaiting my perusal. YAY for weekend trips to Nana’s!

(Side Note: Keep an eye out for the *DDD* which indicates that the recipe is a double duty dinner!)

Monday- Ranch Chicken Tacos *DDD*

Tuesday- Pasta with Turkey Meatballs from the Food Network Magazine

Wednesday- Baked Chicken Taquitos *DDD*

Thursday- Slow Cooker Greek Chicken Pita *DDD*

Friday-  Skillet Chicken and Artichokes from the Food Network Magazine
 Saturday- Greek Chicken Salad*DDD*  Made from the leftover chicken and veggies from Thursday
Sunday- Balsamic Onion Roast with Mashed Potatoes
 For more easy and delicious dinner ideas, follow me on Pinterest here!
Maybe by the time I start making these meals this week, I will have a light in my ktichen so I can take some pictures of it! 

2 thoughts on “Weekly Dinner Menu 3/24-3/31

    • My favorite DDD would have to be the ranch chicken tacos! We have tacos at our house every week and the leftover chicken goes so well in so many other things. My favorite recipe to make with the leftovers would definitely be the baked taquitos. They are also the hubby’s favorite (and the little one likes them too!).

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