Toddler Easter Fun Day

It is the Wednesday before Easter and we still haven’t done any Easter crafts here in the Moore household. Everything outside is covered in pollen and we can barely breathe! I decided after being cooped up in the house yesterday, we needed to do something fun. So, I scoured Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs until I found an Easter craft that is two-year-old friendly.

I found a simple and adorable craft (kid friendly stained glass) on One Krieger Chick that looked like something fun for the little one to do. **While you are there, check out her Pinterest Fail in the same post!**

I started to collect all of my crafting supplies and realized that I didn’t have any wax paper!! I did however have some Press and Seal so, I grabbed that and went with it.

I tore the tissue paper into small pieces and cut out the design in the paper plates. Since I used the Press and Seal, I didn’t have any need for the glue. I put out the tissue paper “confetti” and two pieces of Press and Seal for my little one to decorate.

.Stained Glass for Toddlers {} Stained Glass for Toddlers {}

He really enjoyed sprinkling the paper confetti all over the wrap.

 blog easter 005 blog easter 017

When all the confetti was gone, we folded the two pieces in half to make the stained glass look and taped them to the back of the plates.

Stained Glass for Toddlers {}

When they were all taped up, I put a hole in the top of the plate and hung them in the window by a piece of ribbon.

Stained Glass for Toddlers {} Stained Glass for Toddlers {}

This was a really great craft for him to do with no mess at all! He enjoyed it!

While I was getting our next Easter Fun Day project together, I gave him his markers and crayons to color a sheet of cardstock. The markers he is using in the picture are specifically for toddlers from Crayola. They are super easy for him to hold and draw with!

Stained Glass for Toddlers {} Stained Glass for Toddlers {}

For our next project, I decided we would make these Krispy Easter Eggs that I found on Pioneer Woman’s blog. They are super cute and we had all the ingredients on hand to make them.

While my little one was drawing, I melted the butter and the marshmallows. I added the krispy cereal, mixed well, and transferred to a bowl so that he could “help” me.

Krispy Easter Eggs {}Krispy Easter Eggs {}Krispy Easter Eggs {}

Here is a picture of him waiting patiently to start. (Oh and don’t worry, I do not leave him alone up there with the kitchen knives!)

Krispy Easter Eggs {}

And here is what he did the rest of the time…begged for candy!

Krispy Easter Eggs {}

I decided to make them the way the Pioneer Woman did because she didn’t make the eggs hollow in the center. That appealed to me, since I was doing this with a toddler and it was all I could do to keep his grubby fingers out of his mouth! After filling the bottom half of the egg, I placed an M&M in the center and filled the other half of the egg. Push the two halves together and open up to a perfectly formed Krispy egg with a surprise in the middle.

**Definitely make sure you spray the inside of the plastic eggs with cooking oil spray (oh and wash the eggs first). **

We made a dozen eggs and then I rolled the rest of the mixture out on parchment paper for him to shape with the cookie cutters. It was a lot of fun.

Krispy Easter Eggs {}

Krispy Easter Eggs {}

I put some festive sprinkles in two bowls and we rolled the eggs around in them. I also sprinkled some on the shapes!

Krispy Easter Eggs {}

After lunch, he finally got to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Krispy Easter Eggs {} Krispy Easter Eggs {} Krispy Easter Eggs {}

While he was enjoying his Krispy egg, I used the egg cookie cutter to draw and cut shapes out of the sheet of cardstock he was coloring on earlier. I punched holes in the top and threaded them onto a ribbon. It is now an Easter banner hanging in our living room!

Krispy Easter Eggs {}

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a blessed Easter!


One thought on “Toddler Easter Fun Day

  1. Looks like a fun day! Thanks for linking to me…I really like your idea of using the press and seal! No mess! I pinned the PW eggs to make tomorrow…We must be thinking alike these days! 🙂

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