Wines-day: What I Am Drinking This Week {3}

This week’s wines included:

Decoy Sauvignon Blanc – “This is a vibrant and fruit-forward expression of Sauvignon Blanc”, so the flyer said. I tasted it, thinking it would be another “not so good” white and I would quickly move past it and on to the reds, but this one was good. It was light and refreshing, a little dry, but overall very nice.

Decoy Chardonnay– I am a fan of a good chardonnay and this one was all that it was described to be from the “orange blossom and honey aromas” to the “hint of rich creme brulee.” Once the weather warms up, this one will definitely be on my list.

Sean Minor Pinot Noir– I typically enjoy a nice pinot noir, but  this one, I think, was a little to too light for me. The tasting notes were spot on in that it is “medium-bodied”. It was an easy drinking Pinot and another good one for those who are just getting into the world of red wine.

Sangre de Toro– The name of this wine was inspired by Baccus, Roman God of wine, known in ancient times as the “Son of the Bull”. It is a very complex wine with “notes of spices and blackberries”. It is a very smooth and delicious wine that would pair well with a hearty stew. The best part (aside from the taste) is that each bottle comes with its very own plastic bull and each bull has a difference. It makes for a bit of fun searching for the “best” bull!

6th Sense Syrah– A wonderfully oaky, juicy wine. According to the website it has “flavors of dark red fruit, bacon and toast”. Now, I can definitely taste the dark red fruit, but the bacon and toast? I guess my palate isn’t quite sophisticated enough to catch that one…oh well. This wine was my favorite. I loved the oaky-ness and how smooth and fruity it was.

Wines-day {}

Incognito Rouge– This was a bonus wine that they opened because they sold all of the 6th Sense and needed something to replace it in the tasting. Now, just to be clear, this did not “replace” the 6th Sense, but it was a very, very good red blend. This one was touted by Wine Enthusiast as being an “oaky, cedar-tinged, gamy red that’s big in the mouth, dense and tannic with Michael David’s smoky signature”. This red blend really had a bold deliciousness to it that a lot of red blends tend to lack. It was definitely a keeper!

Wines-day {}

So, that is what we are drinking this week. What are you drinking?


For more information on the weekly wine and beer tastings held here in the NW Florida area, please see my first Wines-day post here.


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