Thirst-day: Beers of the Week {3}

Thrist-day {}

This week’s beers included:

Victory Swing– 4.5% ABV This is a “saison” beer which apparently means something to the true beer enthusiasts out there, but to me it meant nada. I am thinking maybe it has something to do with the season spring and that is very fitting for this beer. It was a light and citrusy Belgain-style ale that would be really great to drink with seafood on a warm spring day. Rate Beer: 85/Beer Advocate: 83

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot– 9.6% ABV This one is a barley wine style ale that is “brimming with bold flavors of bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops.” The beer was first introduced in the winter of 1983, (according to their website) and apparently is a “cult-classic”. I really liked the balance that the malt and hops gave to this beer. It was a perfect blend of the two. The website also states that “under the proper conditions, it can age like a fine wine”, but beer never lasts that long in my house! Rate Beer: 99/Beer Advocate: 93

Red Brick Porter– 7.7% ABV “This porter is sure to warm you up this winter” is what the website tells me and you better believe Red Brick has done it again! Every Red Brick beer I try makes me more and more upset that we didn’t make time to visit this fine brewery while in ATL. This porter has a delicious coffee flavor at the front and finishes with the wonderful flavor of cacao. It is a seasonal from November to March so, if you see it at a store, scoop it up! Rate Beer: 93/Beer Advocate 86

Goose Island India Pale Ale– 5.9% ABV I learned something new reading the website about this beer, IPAs were shipped from England to India and were highly hopped to “preserve their distinct taste during the long journey”. Interesting fact, but I am still not an IPA fan. This one was no different. My husband, who is a hop lover, said this one was “good”. Rate Beer: 95/Beer Advocate 86

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye – 8% ABV This is a “high gravity IPA” with a “floral hop aroma and subtle caramel notes”. Although this beer was very hoppy, the spiciness from the rye made it much more enjoyable for me. This is one I could definitely enjoy. Rate Beer:100/Beer Advocate:95

*Wondering how I get to taste all of these wonderful wines and beers? See my original Wines-day post here.


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