Wines-day: What I Am Drinking This Week {4}

This week’s wines included:

Tavernello Pinot Grigio – This is an Italian Pinot Grigio that was very crisp and not too dry. It was described as having “beautiful apple and sweet pear aromas on the nose and a velvety, perfectly balanced texture.”

RVTZ Chardonnay – A delicious Chardonnay with a lot of citrus flavor and a very smooth texture. It was also not too oaky or dry. The website describes it as “ripe tangerine citrus and honey”. It would be a great summer time wine.

Dobbes Pinot Noir – I really liked this Pinot Noir, it has a lot of dark fruit flavors and was very balanced.

Paco Red Experience – “Superb blend, very fruit forward with red berries and Asian spices.” I thought this was a pretty good red blend. It had a lot of fresh fruity flavor and wasn’t too bold.

Villa San Juliette Cabernet Sauvignon – I liked this one the most. It was deep and full of flavor. The website says “the tannins are soft and supple” and I would have to agree. It had just enough flavor for me, but wasn’t overpowering. “The wine highlights the flavors of cherry, clove, raspberry, and vanilla.” *A little fun note about this wine, one of the creators of this wine was a collaborator in the creation of Pop Idol (Britain’s version of American Idol) and the other is an executive producer on American Idol. They are childhood best friends.*

Wines-day {}

All in all, these were good wines, but there wasn’t anything that blew me away.

For more information on the weekly wine and beer tastings held here in the NW Florida area, please see my first Wines-day post here.


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