Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}Back in February, Publix had a sale on Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix that made it super cheap and it would have been a sin not to buy two boxes. Since it was around Valentine’s Day, I figured I could find some great recipe on Pinterest using said cake mix, being that it is a beautiful red color and perfect for the national day of LOVE. Unfortunately, I never got around to making anything with it and it has sat in my pantry for the past couple of months just waiting to be made into something spectacular. Today, I had a craving for something sweet. I couldn’t go to the store since the little one was napping so whatever I made, I had to have all the ingredients on hand. I peeked in the pantry and found those two boxes of red velvet cake mix sitting in the very back of my baking shelf. I immediately remembered  a recipe I pinned back in February with the hopes of making them for Valentine’s Day and it was perfect. Very simple and I had all the ingredients on hand! The recipe is from Two Peas and Their Pod. I made them exactly like her’s, but without cutting them in heart shapes, because I just couldn’t waste any part of these…they are that good.

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}Like I said, I had all the ingredients I needed on hand and the recipe was super simple.

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}

First, I whisked the flour and cake mix together in the bowl to remove the lumps.

ed Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}I added the wet ingredients and mixed them all together until it formed a dough ball.

ed Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}It looked like a human heart to me…

ed Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}I scooped out about a tablespoon size of the dough with my handy-dandy ice cream/cookie scooper, rolled it into a ball and rolled that in a bunch of powdered sugar. (YUM!)

ed Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}

Aren’t they just precious waiting patiently for their turn in the oven?

ed Velvet Cake Mix Cookies {}What a pretty little cookie you are my friend.

So, that’s it, that is what I made to satisfy my sweet tooth for the week day. I hope you enjoyed drooling over the deliciousness that is the Red Velvet Cookie. What are you waiting for? Go make some!

If you would like to see some other fabulous recipes that I have “pinned” in the best of intentions of one day making myself, please follow me on Pinterest here.


2 thoughts on “Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

  1. These look awesome! Red Velvet is my husband’s favorite and these would be so much easier than the cake! Have you tried the red velvet cheeseball? A friend make it for Bunco and it was TO DIE FOR! Keep it up…You are inspiring me in the kitchen!!

    • I have not tried that, but it sounds great! These cookies really were so easy and so yummy. I had 3 just waiting for the little one to wake up! I am so glad you are enjoying my food posts!

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