Wines-day: What I Am Drinking This Week {5}


This week’s wines included three really great reds (one of which only cost $5.99):

Wine By Joe Pinot Gris – “Sweet aromas of fresh-cut pears, green apples, and hints of vanilla and cream.” I have to admit, this pinot gris was much more tasty than I am used to. It wasn’t as dry and bitter and it had a wonderful creaminess to it. If I had to choose a pinot gris to drink on a hot Florida summer day, this would be the one!

Wine By Joe Chardonnay – “Bright hues of tropical fruit aromas showing high quality ripe grapes.” I was very disappointed in this chardonnay. It was very, well, blah. I like a chardonnay with a little more smoothness and oaky flavors.

Vina Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon – “…fresh and fruity aromas with chocolate, black plums, and vanilla notes.” I definitely enjoyed this atypical cab. It was light, but full of delicious flavors. I could definitely taste the wonderful fruity flavors. It almost reminded me of a red blend type wine. Also, it was $5.99, who can resist that?!

Wines-day {}

Stephen Vincent Merlot – “This full-bodied wine shows bold plum and berry flavors with velvety smooth tannins and a kiss of French oak.” This was not my favorite Merlot, but it wasn’t bad. It was a little on the light side and didn’t have enough “complex” flavors for my palate.

Pascual Toso Malbec – “Thick and burly, this wine has a rich and long finish with smoky accents of vanilla and lingering oak.” Ahhhhh…I couldn’t have said it better my self. Really, I couldn’t! This wine was so wonderful. It had everything I look for in a red wine oakiness, smoky flavors, and rich dark fruits. It was very intense and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wines-day {}

For more information on the weekly wine and beer tastings held here in the NW Florida area, please see my first Wines-day post here.


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