Flashback Friday {2}

Many moons ago, before we were parents, the hubby and I went on a Sandals vacation in St. Lucia…it was the best! We spent our mornings eating made to order omelets with cranberry mimosas (cranberry juice and champagne, not sure if that is still called a mimosa). We later moved to the pool area where we spent the rest of the morning until lunch…again we ate outside with a beautiful view of the beach. Back to the pool where we enjoyed the swim up bar, meeting great new friends, and the occasional pool volleyball game (for the hubby, not me). Nights were spent eating dinners alone or with our new friends. I hated to leave…it was so relaxing. I can not wait to go back, one day.

St. Lucia 2009 024 touch up

This photo was taken from our cabana where I read books and drank the delicious fruity beverages brought to us by our personal waiter!

(BTW, this picture was not touched up, it really was that beautiful!)

Hotel View

This was our view from our room as the sun was setting. We had french doors that opened up to a very tiny balcony. We loved to open them at night and get a nice breeze from the ocean.

         St. Lucia Scene 1 St. Lucia 2009 040 touchup

The view from the top of a big hill on the resort property. They served champagne up here at sunset! In the picture on the right, you can see some of the beach area of the resort.


St. Lucia’s largest crop is bananas. We went on a tour of the island and our first stop was this banana field. They put the plastic bags over them to protect them for the sun and from bugs. There are no monkeys on St. Lucia. They shipped them all off the island many years ago because they were eating all the bananas (or at least that is what our guide told us).

 Boot Scenes 1

On our tour we also stopped at many great locations to take pictures of the island. The cove area on the left with the boot shape is famous, it appears in one of the Pirates of The Caribbean movies (I have no idea which one). On the right, is Marigot Bay which was in a movie also, I believe it was Dr. Doolittle (the older version).


There are tall mountains (inactive volcanoes) that are called the Pitons on the island. They are beautiful. We took a boat to snorkel between the two shown in this picture.

Matt Beer Funny

There are only 2 beers on the whole island…Heineken and the local beer Piton. We chose Piton, it had a lot of flavor for a “light” beer, much more than Heineken. On our tour, one of the vans was packed with coolers full of water, Jamaican punch (very yummy and strong), and Piton. I drank mostly water and my hubby drank mostly Piton. On the left, my hubby standing in front of the pitons holding a Piton beer. On the right, is one of the funniest pictures of the vacation…there was a lady selling necklaces at the photo-op stop and she offered to take our picture. This is what we got!

Scene boat Matt Boat

These are photos from the boat ride we took to go snorkeling between the pitons. The water there was gorgeous.

Fishing bay

This is a picture from the top of the hill of where we loaded up on a boat to go snorkeling. There were tons of these little skinny fishing boats out there.

Us Zipline

We also went ziplining. There were a ton of things going on here that I would have never normally have done. I had never ziplined before and it was pretty scary. This get-up is also something I would have NEVER done if I didn’t HAVE to.

Zipline Me Bridge

We crossed a ton of wobbly, very high bridges. Also, pretty nerve-wracking when you are about to zipline across a line that you can’t see the end of! It was so much fun, but every time I went off of a platform, my heart stopped. The best part was being in a real live rainforest, it was beautiful (and super hot).


On the way back, we stopped at a local bar and had a drink, this was the view from there. Everywhere was just amazing and beautiful!

Ok…all these “Flasbacks” are making me want to go on vacation!! Have a great weekend!


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