Flashback Friday {3}

In keeping with the theme I have this month, my flashback for today is of our trip to Orlando last year. My in-laws live across the country from us (we live in Florida and they live in Washington state), but we are blessed that they are able to come visit us every three months or so and spend some quality time with our little one. Last year, on this particular trip, instead of coming to our house in a boring little small town, they decided we should all go to Orlando. We spent a whole week there enjoying the beautiful resort pools and water park and just relaxing.

Since Disney World is so expensive and our little man was still at an age where he wouldn’t have been able to do a whole lot there, we decided to just do a character breakfast at a Disney Resort. It was the best time ever! We went to Ohana for their breakfast and if you haven’t been, you MUST go! It was a really good breakfast and they had a ton of characters there. Also, the whole Polynesian Resort is just beautiful with all the waterfalls and tropical plants. The only downfall for us was that we didn’t get to a table until about an hour after our reservation!! If you have or have ever had a two-year-old, you understand that this is NOT a good thing, but the breakfast and seeing his face when he saw Mickey and PLUTO (his favorite next to Goofy) was well worth the meltdowns. Here are just a few pictures of our wonderful vacation.

This was his face for most of the vacation! He loved everything about it.

He enjoyed using all the skills he learned in his swimming lessons back at home.

This was probably our favorite part, the water park on the resort. This kiddie area was perfect for him! There were a couple other pools and a lazy river for us to enjoy also.

Ohana Ohana

In the picture here on the top, we had been waiting for a bit and our little guy was pretty fed up. On the bottom, mommy and daddy are smiling, but we are dying inside…

Lilo Ohana

Then we finally got to sit down and eat and the characters started coming. There was Lilo…



Mickey Ohana

Mickey… (Are you noticing a trend here? We don’t have one picture of him with the characters where he is looking straight ahead!)

Pluto Pluto Ohana

And his favorite…Pluto!

He loved seeing all the characters. For those who say that a toddler is too young for Disney because they won’t remember it, I say look at the face of this little guy (or the lack there of) and tell me if it matters that he won’t remember it?! He was elated, we were elated, it was all a lot of fun!

We plan on taking him to the “real” Disney World for his third birthday this year and I am so excited, maybe even more so than he.

Happy weekend!



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