Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {For Dads}

I once had a friend tell me that her husband doesn’t buy her a gift for Mother’s day because she is not “his” mother. I almost fell over backwards in my seat at such nonsense. She had birthed and raised their two sons! How on earth could he think that he should not buy her something to show his appreciation once a year?! It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry or lavish vacations (those are nice too), just a small something to show that you are extremely thankful for all the hard work, patience, sleeplessness, and body disfigurement it takes to be a mother. The story only gets worse because, of course, she always bought something for him for Father’s Day…that is a whole other situation, don’t even get me started.

Anyway, I realize that some guys just don’t know what to get for that special woman who carried their children for 40 whole weeks (32 for me) so, I compiled a list of things that might give those guys some ideas. (Ladies, feel free to leave this page open on the computer for that special man in your life to give him a little hint!)

5 Really Cool Gifts for the Woman who Housed your child in her Uterus:

#1 – Justin Timberlake’s new album. Any hip mom would LOVE to jam out to this in the car (without the kids)! Find it here.


#2 – Something cool from World Market! I love this teapot, for instance. Or you could always go with a gift card, that way she can pick her awesome item herself (for those of you who are not gifted at the art of gifting).

Tea Pot

#3 – A gift certificate for a massage. You can’t go wrong with pampering. Which brings me to…

#4 – A mani/pedi perfect to get her ready for those flippy floppies!

#5 – TIME ALONE! Give her a day (heck a couple of hours) to be at the house (or out shopping) by HERSELF! As mothers, we tend to lose out on our “alone” time and this is one gift you don’t even have to spend money on (it is a win-win).


So, that’s it. Five gifts that you can give to the mother of your offspring that are sure to get her bragging to all of her girlfriends about what an amazing husband she has!

Have a happy weekend!




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