Weekly Dinner Menu: 4/22-4/27


Happy Monday! Here is the menu for this week and a little insight to my meal planning method.

Monday- Southwestern Chopped Chicken Salad from Greens -n- Chocolate (I am using some leftover shredded chicken that I had in the freezer for this)

Tuesday- Tacos

Wednesday- Easy Crockpot Chicken with Potatoes

Thursday- Hot Dogs with Chili

Friday-  Chicken and Asparagus Stir Fry from Gimme Some Oven

Saturday- Mexican Skillet Dish from Wholly Guacamole 
EasyMexicanSkilletDish (Photo borrowed from eatwholly.com)

Now for my meal planning “method”:

Monday is my grocery shopping day and I usually like to cook something that night using fresh veggies or seafood that may go bad if I wait until later in the week to cook it. Take tonight’s recipe for instance, it has tomatoes, avocado, and some other “fresh” veggies that have a tendency to go bad if they aren’t used up pretty quickly.

Tuesday is always taco night. This is one of my husband’s favorite meals and it is easy so we have it once a week, but I do switch it up by having different meats in the tacos like turkey, ground beef, and shredded chicken.

Wednesday is always a crockpot/slow cooker night. I feel like it is a good day to take it easy and not have to worry about cooking dinner that night.

Thursday is my busiest night for work so we either have leftovers or something super simple like hot dogs, for instance.

Fridays I do not have to work so, sometimes we grill dinner or I make a dinner that is a little (very little) more elaborate than the rest of the week.

Saturday is a lot like Friday depending on what we have going on over the weekend.

Sundays are when our small group meets. Everyone usually brings a dish over to our house and we have a different theme every week. It is a lot of fun!

So, that is my method for choosing my meals each week.

I hope this helps you get some ideas on creating your own weekly dinner menu!

Have a wonderful week.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Dinner Menu: 4/22-4/27

    • Once you get the hang of it, it really makes life much easier to not have to think about “what’s for dinner.”

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