Thirst-day: Beer of The Week {6}


This week, I picked up a bottle of New Albion Ale. I have been anxious to try it mostly for the history behind this beer.
It is a collaboration of Samuel Adams Brewery and the first United States Microbrewery of the modern era, New Albion Brewing Company. New Albion first opened in Sonoma, California in 1976 and closed in 1982 due to lack of funding for expansion. The New Albion Ale is considered the blueprint for many of the microbrews we have today. At the end of last year, Kim Koch from Sam Adams announced that he would be brewing the New Albion Ale for the first time in 30 years and I am excited to finally be tasting it! The best part is that Jim Koch is supposedly giving all the profits from this brew to the original founder of New Albion, Jack McAuliffe. His explanation for this is “Hopefully that would make the rest of his life a little better because a lot of us have done very well following in his footsteps.” Very nice.

Here is a video telling a little bit more about the brewery and the collaboration with Sam Adams.


New AlbionThis was a nice light ale with a mild to moderate amount of hop flavor. I am not a fan of IPAs or other overly hoppy beers, so this one was perfect. It was refreshing and very crisp. It had more a floral hoppiness to it which I really liked. I let my hubby try a sip of it (he is an IPA lover) and he said he really liked it also! Finally, a beer that we can both agree on. So, in my opinion, the blueprint for microbrews is definitely worthy of its title. I am not sure how long this will be around so you better get out there and grab it while you can.

Happy Thirst-day!


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