Flashback Friday {6}


On Monday, my hubby and I will be celebrating seven years of wedded bliss and for today’s flashback, I want to share some photos of that glorious weekend in May.

The weekend began with a fun rehearsal and dinner in the backyard of the home my granddad grew up in. It was a beautiful night full of good friends and a delicious cook out.

Flashback {6}

Here is a photo of my granddad and I during the rehearsal at the golf course where the wedding took place.

Flashback {6}

My beautiful bridesmaids and I.

Flashback {6}

Me and my hubby.

Now, for the big day…

First up, pre-wedding photos.

Flashback {6}

This is one of my favorite photos taken during our “shoot”. This is us with my in-laws and the faces we are making have nothing to do with them and everything to do with the never-ending snapping of the camera.

Flashback {6} Flashback {6} Flashback {6}

More photo shenaniganry. That is my mom and I in the center. We had an awesome photographer who let us snap some posed pictures while he was taking them.

Flashback {6}

After all that photo taking, I needed to relax, but I was so afraid that I would wrinkle my dress. Solution…drape it over the back of a chair. I know I already said the other picture was my favorite, but this one makes me smile too!

Flashback {6} Flashback {6} Flashback {6}

The  ceremony was beautiful and just as I had imagined it would be. There were tears, giggles, and lots of smiling going on. I had a horrible case of the giggles that was probably more of an attempt to not cry.

Flashback {6} Flashback {6} Flashback {6}

After the ceremony, we moved inside the clubhouse for a little dancing, cake cutting, and some hokey pokey. (That is my sister-in-law and I on the right. I think we were meant to be family.)

Flashback {6}

Now off to the honeymoon…

Thanks for enduring my wedding album.

Have a wonderful weekend!


One thought on “Flashback Friday {6}

  1. What a fun flashback! Your wedding weekend was such a joyous time and I will never forget all of the fun, sweet, emotional, exciting moments from it!
    I’m forever grateful to The Lord for bringing you and Matthew together and for You becoming a part of our family 🙂
    Happy Anniversary!
    Love, Momma

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