Flashback Friday {7}

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Weddings are stressful, but most of us have a honeymoon to look forward to and in our case, it was the best vacation ever! We decided to go to Europe because my hubby had never been (I went to Germany when I was in 1st grade to visit family) and we didn’t know when we would ever get the chance again. We knew we wanted to go to London and also decided to venture out to Edinburgh and Dublin. We spent nine glorious days (definitely not enough time) traveling from place to place and enjoying every second of it.

Our first stop was London.

 Big Ben 2 Big Ben Kensington Palace Buckingham Palace011-London Eye 040-Royal Mail Coach

We did all the typical touristy stuff, (from top left) we saw Big Ben, walked around downtown London, and toured Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace. We also did a double-decker bus tour of London on the coldest and rainiest day!

The next day, we were walking around and saw a gathering of people at Westminster Abbey. I asked one of the constables what was going on and he told me (very kindly, they were all SO nice there) that if we waited at the entrance, the Queen would be arriving there in about an hour. How cool is that? How many people can say they went to London and saw the Queen AND Prince Charles?! So, we waited….and waited…and I had to pee SO badly, but we still waited…then finally after an hour of bells ringing and anticipation (and the pee-pee dance), the moment we had been waiting for…

000-Prince Charles

first came Prince Charles (sorry for the random arms and heads in the photos, we were practically in a mosh pit).

085-The Queen

And finally, the QUEEN!! It was definitely worth the wait. The pictures may be poopy, but I will never forget that moment (or the hour prior).

094-Leslie on Train 020-Scotland

From London, we took the train to Edinburgh, Scotland. It was my first time on a train. Everything was so beautiful and green.


Edinburgh is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and by far our favorite part of the whole trip. The history, the culture, and the strange smell of Cheerios in the air. (Don’t ask)


A very old, very green cemetery.


This is the view from a cannon hole in the castle.

After Scotland, we took a train to Dublin, Ireland.

045-Honeymoon 052 034-Honeymoon 051 088-Honeymoon 046

The highlight of Dublin for me was touring the homeland of my most favorite beer, Guinness! It was so fun to see the history of it and how it is made. (And the pints of Guinness in the sky bar at the end of the tour weren’t too bad either!)

We didn’t do a whole lot in Dublin, but we managed to find a pub one night that had live Irish dancers and music. It was the perfect ending to an amazing vacation and start of our lives together.

(Also, this was when the hubby perfected his talent of self-photography!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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One thought on “Flashback Friday {7}

  1. Makes me really want to take that same vacation! We keep putting it off, but I know we would love it as well 🙂

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