Pinterest Faves {1}


I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with Pinterest. I could waste an entire day going through and pinning and liking anything and everything. I have so many boards that I can’t even keep up with them! I follow hundreds of people, have 50 boards, and almost 5,000 pins! WOW! “Hello, my name is Leslie and I am a pinaholic.” {Wanna follow me on Pinterest? You can find me at}
Anyway, I am sure you all are as obsessed as I am…right? RIGHT?!

Well, if you aren’t, you should be. There are some awesome ideas on Pinterest.

Ok. Enough about my vacuous obsession with Pinterest…

I am going to show you my favorite pins for this week. These are things that I may or may not get around to doing, but they are pretty great and I want to share them with you!

The them I found myself drawn to this week is stuff that I can do with my little guy.

1. A DIY Bird Feeder from The Happier Homemaker: Peanut LOVES to look out of the window at our bird feeder and watch the birds. I can’t wait to make these fun bird feeders with him.

2. Top 10 Apps for Toddlers from I Can Teach My Child: We already have a few of these, but I am excited to add the rest to keep Peanut busy.

3. Chilly Ice Cream Goo from Fun at Home with Kids: This looks like such a mess, but Peanut will have a blast making his own “ice cream” and actually getting to play with it!

4. Faux Fondant from Sweet C’s Designs: This is apparently the “easiest way to frost a cupcake” and I can’t wait to try it. Simple and cute!

5. DIY Hose Holder from Shanty 2 Chic: We had a big plastic hose holder and it only lasted about a year before getting dry rot from the elements and basically crumbling. This looks great and who can beat the $15 price tag to make it?

Well, those are some of my favorite pins from this week. I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Pinterest Faves!

How many of the things that you pin do you actually get around to creating?



2 thoughts on “Pinterest Faves {1}

  1. Thanks for sharing these Leslie! Since we’re taking down the fence that has our hose attached to it, we’re going to make the fence post/hose holder and paint it a bright color (just for fun)

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