Fun Friday {2}: Dad Art

Dad Day Canvas {}

Father’s Day is THIS Sunday! Can you believe it? I feel like it kind of snuck up on me despite all the Pinterest ideas and commercials reminding me all day, every day. Monkey and I decided (ok, you got me, I did the deciding.) to make a special painting for Daddy that he can either take to work and put on his desk or hang up somewhere in the house. I love the idea of masking out letters with tape on a canvas and painting around them so, that is what we did.

Dad Day Canvas {}

I used painter’s tape to mark the letters on the 8×10 wrapped canvas. I chose 8×10 because it is small enough that we can find somewhere to hang it.

Dad Day Canvas {}

Then, to clean it up a bit, I used an Exacto knife to trim the letters a little.

Dad Day Canvas {} Dad Day Canvas {} Dad Day Canvas {} Dad Day Canvas {}

Next came the fun part…the painting!

He had so much fun making the painting for daddy. He couldn’t wait to tell daddy when he got home from work what he had done! (Oh well)

Dad Day Canvas {}

We let the painting dry overnight and the next day Monkey pulled all the tape off to reveal the “secret” letters.

Dad Day Canvas {}

He was so proud of his artwork. Next time, I will make sure he paints the entire canvas so the letters turn out better.

What fun crafts did you make for Father’s Day?

new sign


2 thoughts on “Fun Friday {2}: Dad Art

  1. Fun idea! My boys would love to do this…maybe for daddy’s birthday in August! I’m hoping to finish a vintage looking sign by tomorrow…the boys are just making cards for daddy and the Papa’s.

    • It would be cute, since you have more than one kiddo, to have them each do a word in a phrase like “You Rock Dad!”

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