DIY Nautical Bags

DIY Nautical Bags {}

Until now, I have been oblivious to the nautical craze that has been going around the fashion world. Not that it should come as a surprise, when it comes to fashion, I am always out of the loop. Today, I am trying my hand at easing my way into this new trend with a fun DIY stamped tote.

I found my inspiration for this here.

All three of these bags were so easy to make and the materials were cheap. For both of the stencils, I just Googled “anchor” and “sailboat” to find a free print, printed the picture on cardstock, and used the X-acto knife to cut the insides out.

The first bag I made was the ombre anchor design. I used three different blues lighter to darker to create the ombre effect. I marked on the stencil the level at which I wanted to change colors to keep it even.

DIY Nautical Bags {}

Just lay the bag flat with a piece of cardboard inside to keep the paint from bleeding through and tape the stencil on the bag.

DIY Nautical Bags {}

Starting with the lightest color, dip the tip of the eraser into the paint and stamp it onto the bag. I dipped every other stamping in order to create a different effect, but you could definitely dip every time for darker dots. I also spaced my dots out a little bit.

DIY Nautical Bags {}

Once I was done, I just left the bag to dry for about an hour. The paint says to wait at least 72 hours until you wash them.

For the sailboat bag, I used dark blue, light blue, red, and silver glitter paint. I marked the sail where I wanted each of the stripes to start and stop to give me a little guidance.

Once I was done, I just left the bag to dry for about an hour. The paint says to wait at least 72 hours until you wash them.

I did the same stamping technique as before with the pencil eraser.

DIY Nautical Bags {}

The star bag was done a little different. I cut a star shape out on sticky back foam with my X-acto knife and stuck the star to a stamp block.

DIY Nautical Bags {}

I poured some black paint onto a plate and put a piece of felt on top of it to create my stamp pad.

DIY Nautical Bags {}

Then, just put the star stamp into the paint and stamp away. It didn’t turn out perfectly, but I kind of like it like that.

If I hadn’t gotten so lazy, I would have also done the bags up like this post, but alas, I did not.

Have you gotten into the nautical trend? Have you created any DIY nautical pieces? Leave me a comment letting me know!

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