Going for Moore Green

moore green

Today I am sharing a post that is both difficult and exciting for me. Four weeks ago, the hubby and I started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in a small group at our church. This was a really big step for us. We are in debt, not so far over our heads that we are drowning, but still in debt. Having read one of Dave’s books in the past, (Total Money Makeover) we were very familiar with the whole budgeting process, but FPU has a great aspect that I feel the TMM was lacking, making sure that both of us are involved in all of the decisions. This was the thing that led us to failure in the past. I do the bulk of the finances in our home and without any input from Mr. Moore, it was basically me making all of the decisions on what we would spend our money on and that just isn’t the way to handle things in a marriage. It is OUR money and WE should both have an equal amount of say in where it was being spent.

I am happy to report that four weeks after starting this program, we are working together on our budget by having weekly budget meetings discussing how the money has been allocated and what we can do differently. I also feel that the lines of communication between us have been opened and our marriage itself is thriving because of that. This is a major thing considering the number-one cause of divorce in North America is money fights. Dave says in his book: “The flow of money in a household represents the value system under which that household operates. When you agree on your value system, you will reach a unity in your marriage that you can experience no other way.”

So far, in the past four weeks, we shopped around for home owners insurance and found a better rate that will save us $1000 a year! (I KNOW!) We also changed our auto insurance to a slightly cheaper rate. We are currently on Baby Step 2, paying off our debts, and are excited for what is to come!

I plan on updating on here at least once a month with our progress and any big breakthroughs we have had! I will also be sharing some of my money-saving tips along the way. My hope is that through sharing our story,  I may help even one person out there to get out of debt.

Want to jump on the FPU bandwagon? Find a class near you and sign up for a free lesson here.

For more tips on saving money, follow my Moore Green Pinterest Board.

“If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey

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2 thoughts on “Going for Moore Green

  1. Great post Leslie! I’m so proud and happy for you and Matt 🙂 Being on the “same page” in the financial area is huge and will definitely make your marriage stronger. Especially when you have those weekly meetings….communication is always the key!
    I’ll bet you are able to help a few people out by sharing your experiences along the way. Way to Go!!

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