{DIY} Toy Box Labels

DIY Toy Box Labels {moorethanamommy.wordpress.com}

Good morning! Today, I want to share a little DIY that I did last week to help my little guy who is 2 1/2 with the daunting task of cleaning his room. First, I should preface this post with the fact that he has WAY too many toys and if we got rid of some of them, his room would be a lot cleaner. I have tried to purge his room many times, but he really does play with pretty much all of his toys. Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us begin with this fun tutorial.

This is the before picture of the toy box.

DIY Toy Box Labels {moorethanamommy.wordpress.com}

A month ago, I won a Silhouette Portrait from one of the blogs I follow, DecorChick! and ever since I received said prize, I have been labeling EVERYTHING in the house. It really is a  fun little gadget! I decided it would  be fun to put some labels on Peanut’s toy storage so it would be easier for him to know which toys went in which box (I am OCD like that), but seeing as he can’t read yet, I decided to use both pictures and words.

So, first thing I did was scour the internet for free Silhouette files (.svg) that I could use to make my labels. I found a ton of them here, but you can also visit the Silhouette Store and purchase files like this, I am just cheap. Once I had uploaded them, I arranged them on the screen in my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (I totally recommend this if you are going to get a Silhouette) and printed them on white contact paper. I used contact paper because, once again, it is WAY cheaper than the Silhouette Vinyl (although you get what you pay for). After I printed them, I attached them to the boxes which are made of fabric. This did not work well, the contact paper apparently doesn’t make “contact” with fabric so, I used a thin layer of Mod Podge to adhere the labels to the boxes. That is it! Super simple, right? It is a lot easier for him to know where his toys go now, not that he is actually cleaning his room any more than before….oh well.

DIY Toy Box Labels {moorethanamommy.wordpress.com}

Now, if you don’t have a Silhouette, you can totally still do this.  You can just print pictures and words on cardstock, cut them out, and Mod Podge them to the boxes. If you are doing in this way, you can just Google the images that you want to use and print them from there! The options are endless!

For more craft ideas for the Silhouette, please follow my Silhouette Craft Ideas Pinterest Board. Also, for the settings and more info on using contact paper instead of vinyl, please visit this blog post. I have also been using clear contact paper as transfer paper, which is saving me a ton of money too.

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