{Fun Friday} Donut Sandwiches

Fun Friday


Donut Sandwich {moorethanamommy.wordpress.com}

Today, I want to share a fun lunch idea for the kiddies, Donut Sandwiches! This is a fun and easy way to bring a little excitement to the table.

The donut sandwich pictured is PBJ, but I think you could do it with any type of sandwich you want.

Donut Sandwich {moorethanamommy.wordpress.com}

Step 1: Make your sandwich.

Step 2: Cut a large circle from your sandwich. I used  a knife, but you could use a cookie cutter or any other large circular item.

Step 3: Use something small and circular (I used a medicine cup) to cut a small circle from the center of the large circle.

Step 4: Add Sprinkles! You can’t have a donut without sprinkles, right?

Step 5: Watch the little ones ENJOY!

What fun things do you like to do to get your kids to eat their food?

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