Worth the Stress {My Aha Moment}

As my Peanut is drifting farther and farther away into what I will call “the dark side” (AKA the terrible twos), it is nice to sometimes have something happen to bring me back to my original reason for wanting to be home with him ALL.THE.TIME. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death, but lately it has seemed like death (my own personal death) has been upon me. Between the tantrums, the hitting, and the talking back (I thought talking back didn’t come for 10+ more years, but what do I know) I have wanted to sometimes lock myself in the car until my hubby comes home to rescue me!

Ok, now for the “good.” The other day before Peanut’s nap, I noticed a bird in the bushes in front of his bedroom window. I thought it was a little odd, but when I came up to the window to close it, the bird did not fly away. So, I called him over to take a peek (thinking that would scare it away for sure) and it just sat there, very still. I got a little closer and realized it was a baby mockingbird and he obviously couldn’t fly, hence the freaked out and completely still thing he had going on.

He was waiting for his mommy to come and feed him and she was sitting on the electrical wire outside our house scoping the place out for bugs. When she finally found one, she swooped in to feed him and his little sister (of course, I don’t know the sex of these birds, but this is what I called them). It was so fun to see Peanut’s face as he watched intently and whispered (or spoke in a not so screaming voice) to me about what they were doing. He was so excited and interested in what was going on and I had a lot of fun telling him why they were there and what the momma bird was doing. I reference back a couple of times to one of his favorite books “Are You My Mother” to help him understand. In that moment, I knew that God was showing me that I am doing ok. There are no perfect mothers and this is what He had in mind for me so I should embrace it and keep on trying. I love it when He does that.

Birds 017

Birds 025

Birds 022

new sign


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A Little Yard Work Never Hurt Anyone {Or Did It}

This past Saturday was beautiful in our neck of the woods. The temperatures were low 70’s and the sun was shining. We spent the first half of the day trying to fix the fluorescent light in the kitchen (by “we” I mean my hubby) and trying to keep the little one from climbing up the ladder. After two trips to Lowes, one trip to Ace Hardware, and an unsuccessful phone call to the company who makes the light, we were still in the dark. (HA!)

After all the light shenanigans, the hubby decided he wanted to go in the yard a trim up the crepe myrtle tree, the only tree we have in our barren yard. Little did I know, he was planning a crepe “murder”!! Before I could stop him, all of the beautiful long branches that have been growing and blooming over the past 6 years were gone…

On a lighter note, little man got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather in the yard with us and I got a few pictures of him “helping” daddy.

Yard Work 3-2013 002

He was SO helpful. Picking up the pieces from the crepe murder.

Yard Work 3-2013 047 Yard Work 3-2013 044

Trimming our unruly yard and watching the planes fly.

Yard Work 3-2013 112

Oops…I think the mower is broken.

Yard Work 3-2013 082

This is how he “rides” the car.

Yard Work 3-2013 171

And last, but not least, my poor tree. RIP my dear friend. I will miss your beautiful pink blooms this year.

In case you are wondering…we are currently on day six of no kitchen light. This has really put a damper on my cooking and taking pictures of my food for the blog.